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pandora charms This year, he does not even feature in the Irish list, indicating that his wealth has plummeted.For 600 people who work for the company in Fermanagh, the future remains uncertain.Colm Murphy, the compiler of the Irish Sunday Times Rich List, said that the Quinn family had dropped off the list because of “uncertainties about the extent to which their borrowings are covered by their assets”.He explained that the family had run up 4bn euros in loans, the majority for investing in now worthless Anglo Irish Bank shares.The fact that the value of their companies approximately 4bn euro was matched by their debts, meant that they had dropped from their position at the top of the list two years ago.Lord Ballyedmond the multi millionaire Edward Haughey tops the new Northern Ireland list.Second on the list are brothers Kevin and Michael Lagan who have grown their father’s Belfast building group to an estimated value ofAt number three is property magnate Sam Morrison, 58, who runs Corbo. He has had a leading role in changing the look of the Boucher Road retail centre in Belfast. The list suggests he is worth aboutAt number four is Gerard O’Hare whose portfolio includes Newry based Quays Shopping Centre pandora charms.