In the series “Demons,” 1999, a bodyguard follows a young blond woman the artist herself wherever she goes. Shot in Gdansk, these photographs capture the blonde in various semilegible situations, outdoors in the dark of night or in a cheap hotel room. Like a menacing shadow, the man is omnipresent but is he her guardian or her tormentor, a shield against the demons or a projection of the woman’s agitated mind?.

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Three important indices of cardiac contractility are the left ventricular end diastolic pressure [edp] (measured just before the mitral valve closes), the maximum rate of left ventricular pressure increase [dP/dT (max)] and the peak systolic pressure [psp]. Ventricular activation is actually spread over about 75 msec, and the action potential therefore represents a “typical” cell. Note the very different voltage scales used for the ECG and the action potential recording..

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