IT IS LIKE PLAYING DRESS UP UP ON HALLOWEEN BUT THIS IS HIGH END. WE ARE TAKING A LOOK AT THE TRENDY, HOT AND NEW CREATIVE STYLES IN THIS YEAR KENTUCKY DERBY. WE ARE IN STOCKTON WITH A STOCKTON COMPANY PLAYING A BIG ROLE AT THE KENTUCKY DERBY. With all the negatives in the news lately, we would be remiss not to acknowledge the caring of two organizations in our community.The first would be the Battle Creek Public Schools. We, the Battle Creek Central High School Hall of Fame board of 11 members, would like to thank Nakia Dunbar and Kim Parker DeVauld for their kindness in organizing a district Flint water donation site drop off.Obviously it was constantly challenged my Mother Nature and the excessive amount of snow and school cancellations. We felt a donation for each of our members would be appropriate, so we donated 11, 40 bottle packs of water to the cause.

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