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When the English language vocabulary grows (and we continue to gain knowledge of grammar from text messaging), much more phrases that aren’t actually ideas worm their distance to our lexicon. Many times we embrace the alteration ( ok, believe it or not, had not been generally a sufficient word), and often we send it time for the pits of heck (try to ask any sentence structure enthusiast about irregardless ).

I’m spotlighting two instances of not-in reality-key phrases today: fine and alot.

Graphic by Allie

Why Good is actually Suitable

Fine is actually not just a concept. The proper style will be all perfect, as with that motion picture from summer 2010 with Annette Bening and Julianne Moore to provide a few nurturing Indicate Ruffalo’s biological youngsters.

But significantly, ok is employed inside of a even more regular formulating situation, such as posted conversation possibly in that easy mail you shipped off to your sibling about emerging house for Memorial Daytime. The The english language expressions is sort of okay with this.

Yet if you’re authoring things more official, you’re more well off working with all right avoiding condemnation from a superiors.

Why Alot is A Lot of Bad

Alot is really a very different account. My automated spell-checker on my concept central processor wouldn’t allow straight pout of the source it to be placed there devoid of compulsively splitting it into its rightful two-text create.

It’s widely recognised than a large amount is invariably two keywords, and if you need farther confirmation, this submit about alot should really function as a memo of why we don’t combine the two words and phrases.


Use a quarter-hour and talk about a set of text messaging addicts. Utilize a great deal as well as all proper correctly throughout, and post your concluded in the feedback. Don’t disregard to view the work within your other freelance writers.