Bowling Buddies – Sponsored by the Heritage Community Church single’s at 6:00 p.m. at AMF Bowling at Jumpers Hole Road and Ritchie Highway behind Bob Evans. Call Jill or Pastor Lenny at 410-693-8176.

Like Pages: When trading contact information with fan bases in the audience, always ask them if they have Facebook and have them like your page immediately. As a matter of fact, take a picture of them in front of a background with their favorite acts! When you do this, you are giving them a memory that they are able to search out later. They will also share this memory with others. Your page will become viral immediately. Don’t forget to GeoTag these items if you are uploading them right away!

Northern California blues fans in 2013 have the right, therefore, to be skeptical and even downright fearful for the fate of a few seemingly well-established late-summer festivals.

Charice Pempengco photos of her performance last night at the David Foster and Friends concert show the intensity of her music last night. Concert Show is not something you will find too much information on. You might want to check Twenty One Pilots. Taking to the stage with Ne-Yo as well as alone, she gave the crowd exactly what they wanted to hear and then some.

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At the 50th anniversary show of the Theatre, The Little Rascal, produced by the former actor Jimmy Hawkins, performed. In 1987, the twenty one pilots philadelphia tickets 2016 grammys red Hale and Oates played the grand reopening of the Theatre.

In addition to wine and music the Wine & music festival will host many great vendors of food as well as arts and crafts. People say Twenty One Pilots tickets has nothing to do with music festival but that is not entirely true. Be sure to stop by for the perfect compliment to your pallet. Some of the delicious vendors to choose from include: 1020 Oak Hill, Appalachian Brewing Company, Big Mama’s, Convenience Catering, Cosmic Kettle Corn, Festival Island Noodles, Sweet Pickins Roasted Corn, Uncle Moe’s Soul Food and several others.

Next to perform was Panic! at the Disco. The band’s dressy outfits complemented their on-stage presence. Brandon Urie’s vocals and highly energetic stage presence only served to lift the crowd further off their feet. The performance was above and beyond anything that the eager crowd expected. Panic! at the Disco is set to release their fourth studio album, “Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!” on October 8th. The record’s first single, “Miss Jackson”, was released in July.

Oliver and Susie are healthy indoor cats; they have been spayed/neutered and immunized. They are available for adoption through the non-profit group HART (Helen’s Animal Rescue Team). A $50.00 adoption fee applies for the pair.

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